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Welcome to your village website, here you will find lots of information about Cosgrove and the community. Use the links to find out about upcoming events, village history, country walks and much much more. Please take your time to meander through our online village and get to know the place and it’s people better.
Last update: 12/6/17

Forthcoming events in Cosgrove
Have your say on Village Matters
It’s always a good time to let the Parish Council know about issues that matter to you. Email your thoughts to or discuss with your nearest Parish Councillor.

Quick links
Coffee Morning at church 10.30am

WI in Village Hall 7.30pm

Mobile Library at crossroads
2.10pm - 2.30pm 
(2nd Wed of each month)
Cosgrove Noticeboard
Our new noticeboard has been installed at the crossroads on Stratford Rd.
The board has been designed and made with 15 clips secured to the back board, so notices can be posted without the need for pins or tape.
Please post suitable notices of interest for all to view.
After a great deal of research and assessments, Cosgrove sees the introduction of LED street lamps. We now have clear white light replacing the yellow glow of the redundant sodium lamps.
The benefits are there for us all to see in true light where colours are as they really are. It is believed that we feel better and safer when able to see clearly. We also anticipate lower maintenance and running costs, which will fund replacement when the time comes.