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A new variant of the virus has now been identified, named Omicron and although understood to have originated in Southern Africa, cases have now been identified in the UK. 
By having both vaccinations and a booster, six months after the second vaccination, you reduce the chance of catching the virus and greatly reduce the chance of being hospitalised by over 92%.  This NHS video features young Covid patients talking about their experiences of suffering from serious Covid-19 and developing Long Covid, plus the experience of Doctors and frontline staff treating them:  “In hindsight I wish I had taken the jab when I was initially offered it. I now understand that it would have likely reduced my chances of ending up in hospital or given me a stronger chance of fighting it off.  I would take that in a heartbeat” – Quincy, 31.  Book an appointment or attend a drop-in centre if you have not had your vaccine yet. You can book a vaccination at or find a walk-in centre at

 A great deal of trust is placed on everyone to follow the latest guidance and do everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus. Staying 2 metres from other people, regularly washing hands and wearing face masks when inside communal areas, helps restrict the spread of the virus. Don't forget, some people who test positive, don't experience symptoms, but can infect anyone they come into close contact with.

Covid-19 Lateral flow testing kits can be requested and used by anyone who have contact with people. Taking regular tests every three to four days will help provide figures to show how the virus is responding, identify and inform people that are asymptomatic, as well as identify the higher infection areas. We all need to support this initiative, as it will provide the data needed to help us all maintain a normal way of life.
Test kits can be requested by following this link.
The vaccination has been available to most age groups now, with possibly the best take up in Europe. People over the age of 40 years are encouraged to have a booster six months after their second vaccination. The success of the vaccination programme has allowed us to return to a more normal way of life, so everyone must continue to follow the government and scientific guidance, which is proven to save lives and ease the burden on our overloaded NHS.

For details of the latest Government guidelines visit: what you need to know


Towfood has now replaced Community Larder Scheme

The Towcester Community Larder and Community Fridge have united to form Towfood.  This is a 'paid for' service and those interested should click the links to visit their website and communicate with the team at Towfood.

The Cosgrove community volunteers' work to deliver food boxes has now finished, but anyone in the Parish that would like to volunteer and assist Towfood, should make contact with them direct via the website link.

If you are interested in reducing food waste or need to reduce your food costs, see the attached information from Towfood.

TowFood Membership Leaflet File Uploaded: 9 April 2021 226.2 KB

During the height of the pandemic, volunteers came forth to support and deliver weekly food parcels to members of the community, who needed added support to ensure they had enough food. The support was co-ordinated by Parish Councillor Digory Little, who ensured food parcels were delivered to all known families and individuals.

This was a tremendous show of community spirit in Cosgrove, that brought together a group of volunteers that may not have known each other before the virus struck. Cosgrove is extremely grateful for your devotion and efforts to ensure people in need were supported. Thank you to you all.

Volunteers Digory and son Torin collecting and distributing food parcels for the community Volunteers Digory and son Torin collecting and distributing food parcels for the community

The play equipment on the Playing field is open for children to use. Cosgrove Parish Council recommend that parents read the attached risk assessment before children use the equipment.

Risk Assessment 2020-07-06 File Uploaded: 4 November 2020 28.8 KB