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Parish path warden

Explore Cosgrove’s Public Footpaths, Bridleways and Canal Tow Paths.

If you find a problem please report it to the Parish Path Warden. He also likes to know when you’ve enjoyed a walk through the parish and seen anything of interest.

Photographs of village sites can also be viewed on our CosgroveVillage Facebook site.

Cosgrove Parish Footpaths & Rights of Way (Updated 05/06/2020)

The improvement in the weather has provided excellent conditions for walking. Recent experiences compel me to warn that some grazing cattle are becoming more inquisitive and are attracted towards walkers, especially when accompanied by a dog. Please check if cattle are present when crossing grazing land and if you're in any doubt, avoid using the path. One farmer has recently relocated his cattle to an area away from footpaths after walkers were in danger from the cattle herding around them. Thanks to our farmers for being aware of the issues and taking action to avoid a risk to the safety of walkers. That said, I've also experienced issues from dogs that were not on a lead and some distance from the owner. 

Cosgrove is blessed with two rivers and the Grand Union canal, but since the lockdown to reduce the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19, the canal towpath has restricted access.

During the wet periods we saw a number of footpaths flooded and inaccessible. This has now changed, but walkers are reminded to take care as the ground in places has been left very uneven, especially on bridlepaths or where animals or farm vehicles have been driven while the ground was damp.

Walking our Rights of Way provides us with many different views of our countryside, as well as the chance to see wildlife not seen in built up areas. Many of our footpaths take you to remote areas of the parish, so always let someone know where you intend to walk and take your mobile phone with you.

Don’t be put off getting out there though, as our footpaths are safe and problems are extremely rare.

Improvements in the parish over the past few years have provided improved access to the countryside for everyone. Installation of kissing gates and removal of stiles make it easier for people with reduced mobility to access footpaths. These improvements are made by Rights of Way at Northamptonshire County Council, so considering the difficult situation for the council, we have been well supported.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for our general health, so even if it’s just a stroll around the village, you can be assured that it’s likely to help improve your health.

David A. Smith (Cosgrove Parish Path Warden)

E-mail: david.smith@cosgroveparishcouncil.org.uk