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Welcome to your village website, here you'll find information about Cosgrove and the community. Use the menu above to find news and points of interest for our village, where to eat, drink & stay, local businesses and our country walks. Spend some time to meander through our gallery of village views, both present and yesteryear. To help provide more interesting information and photographs, we have our Recent events page. Please take a look and see who's in the news this month.

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Recent updates: 

14th January - Home: Planning application Cosgrove Park - MK Council
8th January - Parish Council Meeting Minutes 2022: January draft minutes added. What's on: updated.
6th January - Home: Planning consultation and land alongside Stratford Rd link directed to the presentation.


Proposed industrial development for land off Stratford Road and at Furtho Pit

Industrial development proposals for land alongside Stratford Road and at Furtho Pit are being prepared by Framptons on behalf of Frontier Estates. Cosgrove's Parish Council now understands that South Northants Council approved this area for employment development back in 2019, but it's believed that the scale of development was far less imposing than the current proposals.
WNC have made the expected planning application subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment. The EIA must be submitted along with future planning applications.
A planning application is expected early in 2022 and residents are advised to wait for the planning application before commenting and only respond to West Northamptonshire Council.
Framptons, the consultants handling the planning application for the developers, will be displaying their indicative plans on their website in early January. It's recommended that residents view the proposals, but hold off making comments to Framptons, as this may help them prepare and progress their application.

The emerging proposals can be viewed from 3.00pm on Wednesday 5th January 2022 at - if not taken directly to the presentation, click on 'Current Projects' then Furtho Pit.

Cosgrove Parish Council intends to organise a consultation meeting for residents to review the details. This may be limited due to Covid restrictions, but as much information will be made available when more is known.

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Planning – Application Summary

21/03346/FUL | Proposed siting of 25 static holiday caravans (to remain on pitch all year round) in lieu of 40 touring caravans on the eastern section of Cosgrove Park | Cosgrove Park, Main Street, Cosgrove / Old Wolverton Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes

Reference 21/03346/FUL Application Received Mon 01 Nov 2021 Application Validated Tue 04 Jan 2022 Address Cosgrove Park Main Street Cosgrove / Old Wolverton Road Old Wolverton Milton Keynes Proposal Proposed siting of 25 static holiday caravans (to remain on pitch all year round) in lieu of 40 touring caravans on the eastern section of Cosgrove Park

Please view this application by clicking this link and add comments to make MK Council aware of the intolerable impact of vehicle movements suffered by residents of Bridge Road and Main Street.

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Planning consultation - West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan Spatial Options Consultation

An hour long presentation and discussion with Councillor Ian McCord was held on Wednesday 1st December 2021, which included a question and answer session attended by residents and local landowners. The points covered were to help residents understand the impact of the potential development of 6,000 homes between Furtho and Deanshanger and provide everyone with the relevant planning considerations to include in a response to West Northamptonshire Council. The closing date for responses was 24th December 2021.

The West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan Spatial Options can be viewed by clicking this link.


The presentation made at the meeting can be viewed by opening attachment 1. below.

Guidance for responses, produced by Cosgrove Parish Council, can be viewed by opening attachment 2. below.

Cosgrove Community & Parish Council Update

Parish Council Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Village Hall, unless notice is posted in advance of a change.

With the increased transmission of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, attendance is limited to a maximum of 15 members of the public. All attendees and councillors will be required to have taken a negative Lateral Flow Test before attending, wear a face mask and must be seated.
Places to be reserved by emailing the clerk.

Members of the public attending meetings can observe discussions and raise any concerns during the agenda item of 'Public speaking Time' .

Social distancing will be in place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and for everyone's safety. 

With no internet connection at the Village Hall it is not possible to provide visibility of the meetings for the general public using Zoom.

For details of meetings visit the Parish Council page.


Tee Junction Yardley Road/Castlethorpe Rd

A number of serious accidents and near misses have occurred at this junction in recent weeks and many prior to that. The Parish Council have continued to demand improvements at the junction, but even though work programmes are authorised, nothing changes. The PC continue doing all they can do, raising concerns with Highways and West Northamptonshire Council along with suggestions that will make the junction safer.

WNC held a site visit in September, to seek a solution to the high number of accidents at the junction. Parish Council chair, Wayne Smith was expecting to be invited to the site meeting, but was excluded. The Parish Council awaits a report from WNC Councillor Ian McCord. 

Your undesired experiences at the junction, need to be passed to the authorities to add weight to the reports already made. Please email our Parish Council clerk or let us know by using the Contact tab above.

Play Equipment Improvement

Interest has been raised in the community for improvements to the play equipment on the play area. With a range of age groups to provide for, the Parish Council welcomes suggestions from the community. The majority of the existing equipment has been sourced through Wicksteed Park Play Equipment, but if your suggestion is available from an alternative supplier, please include the supplier, cost and preferred location. Suggestions can be sent to the Parish Council clerk or using the Contact tab above.

Playing field equipment during Covid-19 restrictions

The playing field and equipment are open for use, but users are must take extra precautions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Parents are reminded that the play area is not supervised, there is no provision for sanitising equipment and no hand washing facilities. Please ensure that extreme caution is taken when using the equipment. The Parish Council strongly recommend that the Risk Assessment, available on the Covid-19 page, is read by all parents before their children use the play equipment.

Pavements and paths

With higher volumes of traffic through the village at this time of year, it is vital that pavements and paths are clear and pedestrians not forced to walk in the road. Overgrowth from hedges and hanging branches obscure pavements and require cutting. Please check property boundaries and help by cutting back and clearing obstructions.


Concerns continue to be raised over vehicles driving through the village at unacceptable speeds. Sadly, it's reported that these incidents are often residents and not delivery drivers or visitors to the village, who show great respect. Drivers are reminded that our village roads are congested all through the year, requiring vehicles to be driven well below the speed limit to ensure the safety of everyone. Please remember that the speed limit is too fast in a congested village and should never be treated as a target speed to drive at. Additional speed indication devices are planned to remind drivers of their speed, please take notice and keep speed well below the limit. Records of excessive speed are recorded and may be shared with the police in an attempt to keep everyone safe and encourage offenders to be more considerate.

Litter and Dog poo

Sadly our village is suffering from litter and a small minority of dog owners not picking up after their dog. Dog owners must also pick up when walking our Rights of Way and in fields or meadows. Other users don't want to tread in it and grazing animals can be seriously harmed if consumed. More information is available on our Village walks page. Please help keep our parish tidy and use the bins provided throughout the village to dispose of all litter. If not near a bin, please keep it until you find one, or take it home and place in your own bin. Together we can keep our village looking its best.


The legal process for the land to be transferred to the Parish Council has taken far longer than expected. Our Parish clerk and Councillor Jeff Proctor have worked tirelessly to get this over the line and recent communications from our legal consultant indicates that it's almost there.

The delay has meant that the site is overgrown again, but with legalities now advancing, it's expected that the transfer of the land to Cosgrove Parish Council will be concluded soon. No more work will be done on the plot until after the land is registered, but it's hoped that plots will be allocated soon. 

It has taken a number of years for the Parish Council to identify and organise, with many previous requesters disappointed by the unavailability of suitable land. The efforts and hard work by project leader and Parish Councillor, Jeff Proctor, have taken this from a wish to reality. If you wish to register your interest for an allotment plot or find out more, please speak to, or email Jeff Proctor


For government, Public Health England and information on what you are allowed and not allowed to do, view our Covid-19 page.

Neighbourly support is encouraged to assist people who are advised to self isolate. The Parish Council has organised a community support group to help members of the community who need help with shopping or collecting medication from local chemists. For details visit our Covid-19 page.

Fibreoptic cabling

West Northamptonshire Council contracted with Gigaclear, to install fibreoptic cabling throughout the village. Gigaclear have provided contact details for any resident that may have concerns or questions.    Phone: 01865 591137

The inconsiderate siting of the green termination box on the corner of the play area, at the junction of The Stocks with Stratford Rd without the required authorisation, has compelled the Parish Council to demand that it is relocated to an acceptable location. With all the work completed by volunteers to make the area a pleasant place for sitting, the green box must not spoil this and needs to be sited in a less obtrusive location.  

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